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Hi! I'm Monica, a registered dietitian and virtual wellness coach. I love working with women and empowering them to take control of their health! I teach overwhelmed women to heal their relationship with food, feel good in their skin and stop the yo-yo dieting without giving up the foods they love. My ultimate goal is to teach my clients how to have a healthy mindset and achieve food freedom. Food freedom is that empowering feeling where you no longer allow food and your weight/size to control your life and happiness.  I want to teach you that it is possible to eat your favorite foods, enjoy social gatherings, and live your best life all while having a healthy relationship with your body. 

I'll work together with you to create a personalized nutrition plan that empowers and sets you free.  

A Real Foods Approach

The Monica Hoss Nutrition and Wellness Way

I consider myself a modern registered dietitian who believes in a simple, real foods approach to nutrition. I believe this approach to nutrition involves eating in a manner that will become a lifelong habit. I will never tell you to give up pizza, wine or ice cream. I won't tell you to avoid carbs, chocolate or bacon. Instead, I'll teach you how to make all of the foods you love fit your healthy lifestyle. You won't have to count calories, restrict foods or feel like you're on a diet.

How do I teach you this? I'll show you how to focus more on how food truly makes YOU feel.  You'll become more in-tune with your body’s signals and began making an effort to choose wholesome and real foods. You'll learn that these foods nourish your body and truly make you feel your best. When you feel your best you have more energy, more freedom and more happiness to live your best life. 

Personalized Meal Plans: A Teaching Tool

Traditional meal plans can be rigid and leave you feeling like you failed if you don't follow them perfectly. That's why I think of meal plans more as a helpful, flexible teaching tool. I use EatLove as my meal planning platform which gives you as my client a lot of empowerment!

When used as a tool, EatLove meal plans:

  • teach you to make the changes YOU want

  • offer flexibility to make swaps as needed

  • give you continuous meal inspiration 

  • help you make smarter choices from day to day

  • offer optional virtual accountability and nutrition tracking so that you can learn which foods make you feel your best 

  • help you budget and cut down on food waste 

  • make long term health habits

You'll have access to over 5,000 recipes so you can easily swap a recommended meal with another one that fits your goals. 

Work with Monica 

Learn to have freedom from food and live a happier, healthier life.


Nutrition Coaching

The Guidance You Need

Monica will work with you to create a lifestyle and nutrition plan that is catered to your own unique needs. Her personalized nutrition will get you on the right track to healthy eating and living, or managing a condition. Monica will also create a custom meal plan to help you reach your goals.


Nutrition Coaching

A Healthier You

For those wanting to make long term sustainable changes to their health through nutrition. Monica will work with you to address you goals and concerns. You'll get personalized meal plans to use a tool for healthier eating, biweekly coaching calls done via video conferences, and personalized recommendations for your lifestyle. 


Wellness Bootcamps

Better Decisions

As an independent contractor for Beachbody, I offer a lifestyle approach to truly transform yourself from inside out.  My virtual wellness bootcamps run throughout the year and focus on fitness programs through Beachbody on Demand, nutrition support and access to a private community. This is a total solution approach for those who are ready to make lifestyle change.


Meal Planning

Simplify Your Life and Save Time

I will work with you to create customized meal plans tailored to your individual and/or family's needs, food preferences and health concerns.  (Please note, this option does not include nutritional coaching. See a la carte offerings if interested.)


Finding Health through Food

I'm proud to partner with EatLove for meal plans.
This platform allows for true personalization of meal plans to fit your health needs and family preferences. You'll get recipes, a grocery list and even grocery delivery through Amazon Fresh (optional)!

I never would have tried something like this (Fish Taco Bowls) if it wasn't for you! Thank you for expanding my palate!

Lo, Take Back the Kitchen Member

I am choosing healthier options versus my favorite treats, but I’m still enjoying them once in awhile! I found a balance!

Jessica K (Ultimate Portion fix client)

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