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Personalized Nutrition

Monica Hoss works with you to create a personalized nutrition and lifestyle program to help you reach your health and wellness goals. She will work with you to create a simple, sustainable program involving nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations that are tailored to your specific needs. Each one of us is unique and comes with a different background, belief and philosophy about food. We will work together to develop a program that fits your own unique health concerns and lifestyle. You can expect a wholesome, sustainable approach.

A Sustainable Approach

The Monica Hoss Nutrition and Wellness Way

Monica considers herself a modern registered dietitian who believes in sustainable nutrition. Sustainable nutrition involves eating in a manner that will become a lifelong habit. Monica will never tell you to give up pizza, wine or ice cream. She won't tell you to avoid carbs, chocolate or bacon. She'll teach you how to make all of the foods you love fit your healthy lifestyle. You won't have to count calories, restrict foods or feel like you're on a diet. No matter what your health goals are, Monica has the tools and resources to fit your personal goals.

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Personalized Meal Plans

Monica goes through a thorough assessment to understand your personal, medical and health needs. Together with your family preferences, she will create a personalized weekly meal plan to fit your needs. The service includes recipes, a grocery list and optional grocery delivery through Amazon Fresh. 

Meal Planning is available through nutriton coaching packages or as a monthly subscription. 

Work with Monica 

Learn to have freedom from food and live a happier, healthier life.


Nutrition Coaching

The Guidance You Need

Monica will work with you to create a lifestyle and nutrition plan that is catered to your own unique needs. Her personalized nutrition will get you on the right track to healthy eating and living, or managing a condition. Monica will also create a custom meal plan to help you reach your goals.


Virtual Nutrition Courses

A Healthier You

Monica has partnered with the wellness company, Beachbody to bring you more tools and resources for total wellness. Monica offers two virtual nutrition courses: 2B Mindset (a flexible approach to weightloss) and Ultimate Portion Fix (a structured, macronutrient approach). Courses run once a month so contact Monica for more details.


Wellness Bootcamps

Better Decisions

Monica Hoss offers a holistic lifestyle approach to truly transform yourself from inside out. She offers bootcamps throughout the year that focus on fitness, nutrition and community. These are the best options for those who are ready to make lifestyle change.


Meal Planning

Simplify Your Life and Save Time

Monica will create customized meal plans tailored to your individual and/or family's needs, food preferences and health concerns. Includes client access to the EatLove meal planning platform.


Join My Team

Want to be a Wellness Coach?

Monica is always looking for individuals that are passionate about nutrition, wellness and health to join her team! She will teach you how to build a wellness coaching business that is flexible and can be done from anywhere.


Finding Health through Food

Monica is proud to partner with EatLove for meal plans.
This platform allows for true personalization of meal plans to fit your health needs and family preferences. You'll get recipes, a grocery list and even grocery delivery through Amazon Fresh (optional)!

I never would have tried something like this (Fish Taco Bowls) if it wasn't for you! Thank you for expanding my palate!

Lo, Take Back the Kitchen Member

I am choosing healthier options versus my favorite treats, but I’m still enjoying them once in awhile! I found a balance!

Jessica K (Ultimate Portion fix client)

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