4 Way to Stay on Track with Holiday Treats

The holidays are quickly approaching! This time of year can be hard to stay on track. I'm all for indulging here and there during this festive season and not feeling guilty about it. Yet when treats/ extras are around ALL the time, it can derail your hard work.

Here are 4 ways to keep unwanted snacks in check:

1️⃣️ Drink water! Water helps us stay hydrated in the harsh dry winter but it can also help curb our cravings. Many times "hunger" is actually a sign of thirst. Drink a glass of water and wait for 10 minutes. Are you still hungry? Chances are your craving will have passed.

2️⃣ PROTEIN! This macronutrient is important for keeping us full as satisfied. Whether animal or plant based, make sure every meal has a good dose of protein.

️3️⃣️ Meal Plan! Having a plan and prepping in advance will help you stay on top of your hunger. Spontaneity and uncertainty can cause you to make poor choices. Make sure you have nutritious snacks around you for when hunger strikes.

4️⃣Plan for treats! If you know your coworker is bringing her famous cookies into work on Wednesday plan ahead for it! Definitely have one, but skip the candy or store bought cookies on another day. Make sure the treats are worth it (to you).

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