Five Energizing Snacks

Are you a snacker?

Or do you prefer sticking to just three square meals a day?

For me it depends on the day. On the days I don't work, I'm typically busy running around all day. I usually don't need a snack. I do like to snack when I'm at the office. Honestly I think I snack out of boredom or habit on these days.

If I do reach for a snack it has to be high in protein and include a fruit or veggie. I don't recommend eating fruit alone. You should always pair it with protein and/or a healthy fat. This will stabilize your blood sugar and keep you satisfied for longer.

1. Plain greek yogurt with fresh berries, chia seeds, ground flax seed and sliced toasted almonds.

2. Hard boiled eggs and apple slices

3. Cashews and dried cranberries

4. Hummus with carrot sticks and mini bell peppers

5. Cottage cheese with walnuts and chopped pears

Bonus: Tea!

Okay so tea isn't really a snack. But, it's a great way to reduce cravings or take your mind off eating. My favorite herbal tea is an organic turmeric and ginger tea from Trader Joe's. I am so obsessed with it. It's perfect after lunch. I find it takes away cravings for something sweet. Plus, turmeric is a super spice and ginger aids in digestion.

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