Introducing: Monica Hoss Nutrition Meal Planning Subscription Plans

It's HERE and I cannot contain my excitement!! I'm launching my signature meal plan subscription service. This means I'm offering you 100% personalized meal planning and virtual support to help you achieve your goals. This has been a long time coming, friends. Earlier this month I did some soul searching and realized that I really wanted to provide a meal planning subscription. I have had many requests to do something like this and I'm so excited it's here!

My approach to health is making sure any changes you make can be a long term solution. There is no sense in dieting or making restrictive changes that are impossible to sustain in the long term. That is why so many of us have been stuck in the cycle of yo-yo dieting. Let's ditch the diet and instead pay attention to how food makes us feel. When you start to really listen to your body, you'll learn to choose the foods that fuel you and make you feel good. You'll reach a healthy weight that is effortless to maintain. You will stop obsessing over food and eating healthy. Instead, you'll live your best life. This my friends, is food freedom!

You might be wondering how meal plans fit into my food freedom approach since I'm all about teaching you to eat intuitively. Traditional meal plans can be rigid and leave you feeling like you failed if you don't follow them perfectly. That's why I think of meal plans more as a helpful, flexible teaching tool. I use EatLove as my meal planning platform which gives you as my client a lot of empowerment!

I use the meal planning platform EatLove to provide you with a truly personalized nutrition approach. This platform was created specifically for dietitians so you can be confident the meals are dietitian approved. As an active participant, you will be empowered to take control of your own eating with my expert guidance.

How it works:

1. You sign up for a monthly subscription option.

2. We will work together to build a customized profile for you based on your goals, preferences, family size, and more. This is based on a detailed questionnaire you will receive from me and a video call to set you up. Based off the information you provide, you will get meals recommended just for you!

3. You decide how many meals you would like a week and choose which meals you'd like to include. Some families may only want help planning dinners and ask for 7 dinner recipes a week. Other individuals may prefer 3-5 full days planned for them. We will work together to find the approach that best fits your lifestyle.

4. You'll be set up with your own account and have access to the EatLove app. This will allow you the flexibility to swap meals if desired, edit recipes to fit your needs and even add your own recipes. The app also offers a smart grocery list with grocery delivery options as well! You can literally have all ingredients from your recommend meal plan delivered right to your door. The grocery list can be customized, printed and email to yourself.

5. You get the added value of peace of mind because you won't have to wonder if your meals align with your health goals.

6. Need additional support? There is an optional food logging feature that you can use to log over 27,000 foods and recipes. For an additional price, I can review your food log as needed. We can also set you up with in app messaging so I can offer you accountability and support virtually.

7. You'll learn to use meal planning as a tool to help change your behavior and get the results you want!

Why Choose a Meal Plan Subscription?

I like to think of meal planning as a tool to help guide you in your healthy eating journey. You don't need to think of a meal plan as a rigid plan written in stone. Instead, think of it as a helpful tool to make the changes you want to your eating. Rather than a rule book, my meal plans are guidelines you can follow.

With a meal planning subscription, you will have:

  • flexibility to swap any meal and stay within your nutrition prescription

  • continuous meal and recipe inspiration

  • access to over 5,000 recipes and counting

  • restaurant smart choices

  • ability to customize recipes

  • food tracking/journaling

  • virtual accountability through messaging with me

  • a dietitian in your pocket at all times

Please note that my meal planning subscriptions do not include nutrition coaching. I am always available to answer any questions about your meal plan and offer guidance. However, if you are looking for in depth nutrition support and want to work closely with me, please purchase a nutrition coaching package which includes meal planning. If you aren't sure which is the right fit for you, reach out to me!

Ready to get started? Send me an email and let's work together! For a limited time only, I am offering my first 15 subscribers an introductory 3 month package for $50. You can have me as a dietitian in your pocket for less than $20 a month! I can't wait to work together!

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