June 2B Mindset Course

Do you want to lose some weight before summer? I do! (And yes I am talking about the taboo subject of weight loss.)

I normally don’t focus on weight when it comes to my health but you know what? It’s ok to want to lose weight! Thanks to Covid19, my weight is a little higher than I am use to. It's not a big deal but I'm glad I actually stepped on the scale. It's easier to lose in extra 5-10 pounds than it would be to lose another 20-50 lbs. The later can happen if you truly didn't pay attention to the scale. Your weight is just a data point. That's all.

In the last several years there has been a focus on the #bodypositivemovement and loving your body no matter what. And while I 100% support this movement, I’ll also say that you can love your body AND want to change it for the better without adopting a diet mentality.  You should love your body so much that you want to take care of it! You should want it to be the best version it can be. You deserve that. Your size does not matter, but how you feel on the inside and outside does! It’s ok to want to make changes and still love and appreciate your body. Sometimes these changes include weight loss! The key is having a positive mindset when it comes to weight loss and eating. Two years ago, fellow dietitian, Ilana Muhlstein, released a program called 2B Mindset. It's a series of videos that teach you her method that has helped thousands of people lose the weight and keep it off.

The whole approach is centered around your mindset and rethinking your eating. You CAN lose weight—without feeling deprived or hungry and without counting calories or cutting out food groups—so you can go on living your life and enjoying the food you love.

I've run this course a few times in the last 2 years and as a dietitian I really love it. You don't need to count calories, portions, macros, weigh your food or follow a strict guideline. The 2B Mindset takes a different approach to food than what fad diets have been telling us for years. In fact, it’s not a diet at all. It’s a mindset. And once you learn it, you’ll finally be in total control of food and your body, so you’ll forever know how to lose weight—happily—and keep it off.

On June 1st I’ll be running a virtual 5 week 2B Mindset course. And this time I am doing it right alongside of you! The virtual course will take place in a private group and I'll guide you through a series of videos.

Ilana teaches you her simple principles and takes a dive into rethinking food groups. You'll learn the purpose of the foods we eat and how to enjoy them for weight loss. Most importantly, help you shift your mindset, because a positive mindset means a positive and healthy weight loss, with no more emotional eating, no more mindless snacking, and no more punishing yourself for eating food you love.

What you'll learn:

  • How to recognize “false hunger” and instantly satisfy it…without eating a bite!

  • What to eat FIRST at every meal, if you want to lose weight

  • The daily habit that instantly gets you ready for weight loss whenever you try it

  • Why you should always order first when eating out at a restaurant

  • How to deal with any craving

  • Meals that you can eat in BIG portions…and still stay in weight-loss mode

  • Plus dozens of proven weight-loss secrets for every eating situation

This program is especially ideal for volume eaters and emotional eaters!

Think of this program as a mini nutrition course + mindset workshop that will help you achieve food freedom.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $119 and includes:

Online access to 40+ short videos

My accountability group

Printed program materials:

  • Getting Started Guide

  • My Go-To Guide

  • Recipe book

  • My Tracker book

  • Water bottle (30 oz)

I cannot wait to get started with this program. My good friend and fellow dietitian, Caitlin Terpstra will be leading this course with me. So you'll get access to 3 dietitians for less than the price of one! My nutrition coaching normally costs $250 a month so this group course is a great value.

Are you ready to lose weight and get in control of your eating along with me? Send me an email and we will get started!

This program is available through Beachbody. I'm an independent Beachbody coach that has partnered with the company to bring you this program.

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