Meal Planning, Nutrition Coaching or Bootcamps: which is right for you?

If you've ever wondered about working with me and what services I offer, I am going to break it all down for you today. As a registered dietitian there are 3 main services I offer: meal planning, nutrition coaching and bootcamps. The right fit for you depends on what your goals are, how much accountability you need and your lifestyle. Let's dive in!

Personalized Meal Planning + Nutrition Coaching

Healthy eating is about finding a balance between the science of nutrition, your own personal intuition on what feels good, empowering you to make your own food choices and truly enjoy food. With nutrition coaching, I work one on one with you to really get to know you and together we figure out what healthy eating means to you.

I'll work with you to create a highly tailored Nutrition Prescription to reach your health and lifestyle goals. My meal planning is powered through EatLove, a platform that allows you to access meal plan, recipes, a smart grocery list, food prep guide, and even the option to order groceries online. This can be done via your computer or mobile phone.


  1. Personal, in depth assessment done via video conference

  2. Custom Meal Planning (weekly)

  3. Ongoing support and coaching

Benefits of meal planning with me:

  • Plans are 100% customized to your specific condition, goals, preferences and schedule

  • Roadmap for success with clear check in points

  • Helps you execute your Nutrition Prescription day-to-day, week-to-week

  • Eliminates stress and complexity of creating weekly meals

  • Engaging meal variety with tasty, tested, vetted and expert-curated recipes

  • Creates real long-term change in how you plan, prepare and shop for meals, cascading into lifestyle and behavioral health improvements

Many clients report that without custom meal plans, it would be challenging, if not impossible for them to reach their goals.

Bronze Package

Includes 4-sessions

1 initial consult

3 follow-up sessions


Silver Package

Includes 6-sessions

1 initial consult

5 follow-up sessions


Gold Package

Includes 8-sessions

1 initial consult

7 follow-up sessions


Maintenance Plans are available post follow-up sessions to ensure results and success.

All packages includes online access to personalized meal plans, easy to follow recipes, grocery lists with optional ingredient doorstep delivery (where available), step-by-step prep schedules, plus support and guidance from me.

This option allows you to become empowered with your nutrition. You will be an active participant in learning your personal balance of healthy eating.

Meal Planning

For individuals that just want help planning meals for either themselves or their families. Includes online access to personalized meal plans, easy to follow recipes, grocery lists with optional ingredient doorstep delivery (where available), step-by-step prep schedules. This does not include nutrition coaching from me.

Family Dinners

Includes 5 dinners per week, personalized to your family's preferences

$35 per month

Personal Nutrition Prescription

Includes 3 full days of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks per week. Personalized to your preference and nutritional needs

$100 per month

This option allows you to spend less time thinking about food. Know exactly what to eat, what to buy, and how to make it.


For those serious about changing their lifestyle and want a total body approach I recommend enrolling in one of my fitness and nutrition bootcamps. I partnered with Beachbody two years ago so that I would have more resources and tools available to help more people. With Beachbody you are getting a total wellness approach: fitness, nutrition, mindset and community!

This is ideal for those that are looking for group accountability while working on their health goals. If you are a craving a sense of community, someone in your corner who will cheer you on, this is the option for you. You will be working on yourself along other likeminded women in a private Facebook community. I will personally coach you through my wellness programs, whether it be nutrition focused, fitness focused or both. When you join one of my bootcamps, you will have 1 yr access to me as your coach, dietitian and accountability partner. Includes 12 month access to Beachbody on Demand (fitness streaming library), my virtual bootcamps, fit meal plans, 30 day supply of nutritional product, and more.

Bootcamps start at $160 for 12 months access

In addition I offer two virtual, self paced nutrition courses:

Ultimate Portion Fix, portion based & structured approach to healthy eating

2B Mindset, a more flexible approach to weight loss

My bootcamps vary from month to month depending on what our focus is each month. Please contact me to see what I am currently offering and to get more details on your program of choice!

This option is a total wellness approach that will guide you towards reaching your health goals.

I hope this post was helpful in determining which of my offerings best fits your goals. If you are still unsure please reach out to me! I would love to chat and figure out how I can best support your lifestyle.

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