Six Ways to Achieve Healthier Blood Sugar

My mission is to empower women in their health. That means equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to make the BEST decisions for yourself. As a dietitian, nutrition is my area of expertise but I believe in a holistic approach, taking a look at your whole body and getting to the root cause of any issues.

If you follow me on social media you've probably noticed that in the last few months I've become passionate about female hormonal health. It is such a fascinating topic- I'm even leading over 40 women through a Happy Hormones course on Facebook! It's topic I feel that every woman needs to be educated in. Thanks to our modern lifestyle there are many reasons why our hormones get out of balance. Imbalance isn't good because hormones control everything! They act as master switches for growth, reproduction, mood, metabolism, weight, energy, libido, brain function and the appearance of your skin, nails and hair. Hormones work together as a team, so if one hormone is off, it is likely that other hormones are also unbalanced.

Insulin is one of the master hormones. In case you need a refresher, insulin is responsible for moving glucose (blood sugar) into our cells so that it doesn't hang out in our blood for too long.

Picture a flat horizontal line- that's the ideal blood sugar line for your body. Depending on your diet and lifestyle, your glucose can spike high above that line and then dip way below it- multiples times a day! With well managed blood sugar- feeding your body the right foods at the right time-you can stay close to the flat line.

Your body likes having a flat line of glucose. Mismanaged blood sugar is seen as a huge stressor on your body. Since we (should) be eating several times a day, blood sugar management should be something we think about at each meal.

Poorly managed blood sugar is one the root causes of hormonal imbalance.

Do you experience any of the following signs: intense sugar and carb cravings, difficulty losing weight, belly fat, brain fog, jittery, poor memory, feeling woozy if you miss a meal, fatigue after eating, or irritability?

If so, you probably have imbalanced blood sugar. Managing your blood sugar is one of the most important things you can do for your hormonal health.

The good news is that with a bit of effort you can support healthy blood sugar. Here are 6 tips you can start implementing:

(1) Focus on protein, plants and fats at each meal. This formula will ensure you're eating whole foods that are high in fiber (plants) and will slow the absorption of sugar into the blood stream. You'll stay satisfied longer and have less dips and spikes.

(2) Exercise to help with glucose metabolism. When you exercise your body moves glucose into tissue and muscle for energy.

(3) Add cinnamon to foods as it can help lower blood sugar.

(4) When eating a fruit that is higher in sugar (bananas, mango, grapes, watermelon) pair with a source of fat to avoid big spikes.

(5) Listen to your hunger cues but don't skip meals. Low blood sugar creates a stress response in your body.

(6) Relax and implement stress reduction techniques. Stress causes cortisol to rise and high cortisol levels can mess with blood sugar levels.

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