Achieve Food Freedom

Supporting Your Success with a Realistic, Anti Diet Approach

My approach to health is making sure any changes you make can be a long term solution. There is no sense in dieting or making restrictive changes that are impossible to sustain in the long term. That is why so many of us have been stuck in the cycle of yo-yo dieting. Let's ditch the diet and instead pay attention to how food makes us feel. When you start to really listen to your body, you'll learn to choose the foods that fuel you and make you feel good. You'll reach a healthy weight that is effortless to maintain. You will stop obsessing over food and eating healthy. Instead, you'll live your best life. This  my friends, is food freedom!

Nutrition Coaching

The Guidance You Need

Schedule a 60 minute video consultation with me to discuss your health goals. This specialized service puts individuals on the right track to healthy eating and living. I will offer my recommendations and a realistic, sustainable nutrition plan. 


Consultations and follow ups will be done via video conference.

Silver: 6 week package $250 

-Initial 60 minute consult

-Biweekly 30 minute follow up calls

-6 week Custom Meal Plan 

Bronze: 3 month package $475

-Initial 60 minute consult

-Biweekly 30 minute follow ups

-3 moth Custom Meal Plan

Gold: 6 month $700 

-Initial 60 minute consult

-Biweekly 30 minute follow ups

-6 month Custom Meal Plan

Looking for just meal planning support instead of in depth nutrition consulting? Check out my meal planning subscription option below!


Wellness Bootcamps

A Lifestyle Approach

I run virtual wellness bootcamps on a regular basis that combine fitness and nutrition for total body wellness. These bootcamps are run in a private group to cultivate a community that supports and motivates you. You'll receive the accountability you need to help you form healthy habits for the long term. 


The three pillars of wellness- nutrition, fitness and community will guide you to a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. 

*Prices vary and require a Beachbody on Demand subscription to access workouts. Please contact for me information.


Meal Planning

Individual or Family Approach

Meal planning is important whether you are cooking for just yourself, a few people or your entire family, and provides a variety of benefits.  It will save you time and money, help make grocery shopping more efficient and improve your eating habits.

I will create customized meal plans tailored to your individual and/or family's needs, food preferences and health concerns. Includes client access to the EatLove meal planning platform. With this platform you can order groceries directly from Instacart or Amazon fresh.  

Subscription cost: 

$30 per month, cancel at any time 

$75 for 3 month subscription  ($15 savings)

$140 for 6 month subscription ($50 savings)

With this option, I will create a personalized meal plan prescription for you and you will get ongoing access throughout your subscription. I am available for questions and guidance but this option does not include in-depth nutrition support from me. This is ideal for those that want recipes and inspiration! If you are looking for more in depth, comprehensive support please purchase a nutrition coaching package.


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